Lev Kanter

Generative composition from thesis (2010)
Painting: Self Portrait (2006)
Photo: Nebraska I-80
Microsoft Paint: Man
Untitled composition with two people

The Cripple

  1. His left shoe has
  2. A grinning tear at the big toe.
  3. The shoe never gave his foot a blister,
  4. It was the other way around.
  5. That shoe is
  6. A screaming shark,
  7. Its jaws flap with every step.
  1. His right shoe has
  2. A face as if burned by chemicals —
  3. Eroded like ancient stones
  4. On a riverbed.
  5. That shoe is
  6. Stretched and thrown out of shape
  7. Like a lifelong smoker’s lung.
  1. His gait is awkward and slow —
  2. Tense and intense.
  3. He wages a war
  4. Against merciless forces
  5. And his shoes are his tanks.
Photo: My Dog